Pet steps up

Yesterday I was in a strange mood. I felt the need to be needed. I mentioned something to my pet and he really stepped up. He was there for me without being annoying or overbearing. I’m quite proud of him. I needed him, in a way that is not typical, and he knew exactly how to address this.

In fact, he was my “pet in my pocket”. I used the term “man in my pocket” in a previous post as well, so let me explain. I’ve always held this unrealistic fantasy of being able to shrink a man down and keep him in my pocket. So that he would be there whenever I needed and put away when he became annoying or unuseful to me.

Well, I have never shared this idea with pet -have only ever told one person about it. Yet, when I told pet how I was feeling yesterday, out of the blue he suggested I put him in my pocket and he would keep me company all day, knowing I wouldn’t reply but at least I would know I was needed.

Imagine my shock at this! I did not tell him about my “fantasy”, choosing to keep that to myself. But it really was the perfect suggestion, as it made me giggle whenever I would get a message saying “wiggle, wiggle Mistress, it’s your pet from your pocket” or “so nice and warm in here Mistress”.

Things are back to normal today in terms of how I’m feeling.






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