Toy’s dickie stays locked in its cage anytime he is not home with his wife. I ensure this by randomly demanding a photo. I make him do something different for the picture every time to ensure it’s a new one, ie/ stand on one foot, hold it in your left hand, etc. I don’t really have to do this, because toy loves his new cage. If I told him not to wear it anymore, he would beg me to change my mind. Hmm I do love the begging… Focus.

Now, I think I have mentioned here that I’ve been fucking with the toy lately? By telling him I am going to find someone in his area to milk him for me, since I live too far away. (I have mentioned this here right?) At any rate, this has been going on for a few days and it’s been fun.

I thought maybe this little game would come to an end yesterday. I told him I wanted him to post the ad on fetlife. It was to say that he was looking for someone to give him a prostrate milking on behalf of his Mistress who lives too far away.

What I expected to happen: “no Mistress please don’t make me do that” blah blah blah. Then I am the kind Mistress who tells him he doesn’t have to do it if he really doesn’t want to. But that he has disappointed me. Then I get to find a fun way to have him make it up to me!

What happened: While I did get some initial “oh no Mistress do I have to?”, the little shit sends me a link to the ad he actually posted!

Ok let me be clear. I have no intention of actually following through on finding someone to milk the boy. But now I’m curious to see just how far this could go….

I asked him why he followed through so quickly, without much complaint or disagreement. He said he knows he’s not allowed to complain and “if this is what pleases you then I must do it Mistress.”

Toy seems driven to submit. I’m fascinated by it. I want to know why. Why is he willing to do these things, sometimes sick and degrading things, just because a virtual stranger across the seas tells him to? I love to push him, to see how far he will go.

So far he has never once said no. He complies without question (other than clairification for what I’m asking) and follows through with sending the video or photo evidence immediately. Why?

He definitely feeds my domspace this one. I love that I get to practice my dominance with these two boys (the pet and toy). It very much helps the progression with the sub hub, my love.

Speaking of which, I have not touched a dish in days! Nor have I done any housework other than laundry (I think that will always be my domain because I prefer it that way.)

The thing is, I have never had to ask my love to do this. From the moment he submitted, he took up service, all on his own. He doesn’t complain, ever. Not even about not coming in so long -I forget how long it’s been. I think almost three weeks now? That’s got to be the longest he’s ever gone?

I asked him why he doesn’t complain (again, that need to know “why” someone behaves a certain way). He said it’s pointless since he knows what my answer will be, and that he doesn’t want to make me unhappy. He said if this is what I want, he wants to please me by giving it to me -even though it’s killing him not to cum.

In the bedroom his focus is entirely on me. He has always gotten immense pleasure from giving me orgasms. I think the fact that he knows he won’t be having one himself, has freed him up to devote even more time and attention to the task.

Oh! That reminds me….. G-spot O’s -how fucking great are those? Did not know what I was missing all these years!

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