Drink up

I realize it’s been 3 days since I posted something here. So here’s a little about the toy.

The toy and I are long distance. Our conversations are via phone and video. A couple days can go by where we don’t communicate. Of course I know this means toy can masturbate and cum on his own without me knowing and lie to me about it. I’m not that naive.

But for one thing, the toy likes an audience. He wants me to watch him cum. Even when I’ve said he can cum without me, he asks to wait until I’m available instead.

But even more inportantly the toy craves subspace. He gets this by feeling like I truly control his orgasms. In his mind it doesn’t work if he cheats. What would be the purpose?

Besides, it doesn’t really matter to me. The toy has become that, simply a toy. It’s refreshing not to have to consider his feelings or desires. I realize in doing so I’m feeding his subspace and yes, giving him what he desires. But since I’m enjoying it, I will continue.

I enjoy pushing his limits and I can do this better without having to consider his feelings. If he were to say no to something, I would probably just say goodbye until the next time I felt like playing. But he has yet to say no to me. Not even when I recently told him if he wanted to cum, he would have to drink up after:

“But i am not allowed to cum without permission Mistress”
“Hmm how bad you want it?”
“Extremely bad Mistress. I would do anything to be allowed to Mistress”
My mind is instantly alert. “Anything?”
“Yes anything Mistress”
“Cum into a glass?”
“Hmmm why not…that’s not a big thing”
“And drink it after?”
“Wow…that’s a big thing”
“Are you making fun of me Mistress?” (hehe I do this a lot)
“Well actually women drink cum all the time”
“Hmmm true…..but men don’t Mistress”
“Lots do”
“True again Mistress…..”
“Ever taste cum before little one?”
“No Mistress never thought about tasting my own cum”
“Well you can start today then.”
“Must I?”
“No you don’t have to. You can go without an orgasm I suppose. Your choice.”
Long pause
“I will do it then Mistress”

After the deed was done:

“Taste good little one?”
“No not really Mistress…..not my new favorite drink for sure Mistress…. but thank you for letting me cum Mistress”



5 thoughts on “Drink up

  1. Thank you for posting.
    I think it is wonderful you are starting to condition him to drink his own semen. It took me a lot of time to train mine, I mean to the point where it is second nature for him. He knows if he cums he cleans his mess. It is very empowering for me. There are times for fun I have him cum directly from his penis directly in to his mouth just to keep him humble. It seems after he was able to take a full load directly many many times over a long period, having him clean it out of me is nothing for him.

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