Thoughts from a male submissive

I mentioned in my last post that I had pet make a blog when we first started. I left it up to pet to decide if he wanted to make it public or private. He chose to leave it private, which I think is a shame. I think other subs could relate to what he has written at times. But I did leave that up to him.

However, that doesn’t stop me from sharing some of his thoughts on my blog, to give a better picture of my pet, in his own words. So here are some thoughts from pet:

His first post was to answer some questions I posed to him…
How it feels to have a Mistress:

Right now, I am nervous that I will disappoint you Mistress. I am scared that at some point you will dump me or walk away. 

What he hopes to gain from having a Mistress:
I hope to gain an ultimate respect for Mistress and to learn all about her, her feelings, absorb her knowledge…..To teach me how My Mistress desires certain things. To train me to anticipate her needs in order to please her. I want to please her so badly.

His thoughts on when he disappointed me and came without permission:
Before I had even finished the disappointment hit. All I could think of was “what have I done”? ….. She was upset and I tried to explain why it happened…. She laughed a little but I knew she was upset. Then when she swore, I figured it went deeper in her. She is truly in this to teach and train her pet.…. I should have trusted her, but there are so many fakes. But she is different.…

He wrote this on feeling like an afterthought:
In the first days Mistress had told me she was considering another. She asked my opinion. Then she stated she had made a decision. Nothing more. She had mentioned that he offered something to her which I could not…. So here I am, wondering…..Mistress has another toy that fills her days and needs more than I can. My time doing as Mistress desires will be beneficial to both of us, she will be happy however she uses me to fill those gaps and I will be delighted to do as Mistress demands. It is Mistress who decides how many subs she has and how she uses them. We subs are just happy to have the opportunity to serve her. She is a wonderful Mistress

His thoughts on his mantra:
My mantra is an affirmation… It is the reason I chose to be devoted to Mistress…..It will remind me that my happiness comes from Mistress’s happiness no matter what she is doing. It will also keep my mind on Mistress where it should be.

Pet’s thoughts on a ruined O. Poor pet had no idea what had happened to him:
Finally an hour to play together without the worries of someone interrupting. Mistress took pet thru a lot of edging…. When Mistress finally stopped administering her will on pet’s cock and told him to stop completely, pet noticed an oozing of cum, not a lot but it continued for a while… oh he came, but no where near the amount he expected and no where near the pleasure he wanted. His cock throbbed for an hour or more after….. Was this a ruined orgasm that pet had researched for Mistress for her in house sub? Did Mistress know this would happen? Was this Mistress’ way of showing pet who owned his enjoyable orgasms? Mistress acted like she had no idea but… Finally some free time to connect with Mistress and she showed pet his place.





5 thoughts on “Thoughts from a male submissive

    1. I should point out that my first year without an orgasm was the result of cumming when I wasn’t supposed to and posing off my Queen. I do everything possible not to cum without permission!

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