Toys…. and anal

Today’s writing prompt came to me via email through Loving BDSM 30 Days of D/s and is all about toys. What kind of toys do you like, what do you like about toys, how do you use your toys, etc. I do talk about toys here but somehow digressed to anal sex…

It should be no surprise to learn that I love toys. Not that I use them all the time, but I definitely think they can enhance the sexual experience for both partners.

I really enjoyed reading Kayla Lord’s accompanying article called How We Get Kinky with Vibrators. She writes

Being the sadist, he doesn’t stop just because I squeak a little. On my own, I’ll pull away the moment it becomes too intense. Not him. That’s his signal to take it a step further and find out just how much I really can take….

Lying on the bed, legs spread, his fingers pressing cruelly into my thighs while he presses the buzzing head, tip, or whatever against my body… I cry out. I writhe. I beg. And I come over and over again. It’s enough to exhaust me and wring my body dry. Which, of course, is part of the point. The rest is about control, power, and pain – three of my favorite things.

When using a wand on myself I always pull it away after orgasm. I often wait a minute and then start round two (or three or four…) but there’s always some down time before I do that.

I was talking with my friend L one day about this because she does the same thing. Having not experienced forced orgasms by use of a wand, we both wondered what is beyond that point, what if we couldn’t pull it away at that point, what if we were tied up and someone continued to hold it there, against our throbbing clit, after we came? Would it be painful? Would it feel great? We both agreed it was a scary but intriguing thought.

My favorite way to use my wand is during anal sex. I’m not sure I could come just from anal sex alone. Not a high percentage of women do. But the combination of a cock in my ass and a vibe on my clit produces a feeling like no other.

Since we’re on that topic, even though it’s not part of the writing prompt, let’s talk anal…

It was only last year that I allowed anal sex between s and I. And the only reason it happened was because I was submissive to him at the time. It was one of those things on my hard limit list that moved to my soft limit list. And then one night I was in a deeply submissive mindset and it happened.

I find it deeply degrading and I guess that’s the major appeal to me. (Well that and it feels good, if I’m being honest) It’s something I dread but want at the same time (kind of like humilation).

And I hate that I enjoy it, which feeds into it all, especially when hearing Words like “You’re such a dirty girl for liking this…. Don’t lie, you love it”. Those things put me into subspace (which is why I limit anal now with s to just his “treat” nights).  I tense up, I protest even as I’m pushing back, wanting it deeper and harder and rougher.

Add a wand to this experience and very often I am screaming into my pillow at the intensity of it all. When he comes (if I allow that), very often I tell him to stay inside me while I use the toy to bring myself to one more orgasm.

See how useful and pleasurable toys can be to enhance, not replace?

And see there how I brought it back around to toys? 😉





8 thoughts on “Toys…. and anal

  1. God yes. Anal sex and clit stimulating via toys is THE BEST!!! Funny. I never saw it as humiliating or degrading or something I didn’t want to do. Once I did it I was like more please. Yes please. Now please. Lol. Guess that’s a bit hoe men must see it too maybe. Like you do that is.

    Lovely read as usual though. “If I let him cum”. Love it!!!

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      1. I don’t think it is just the thought or act of licking the ring, butt the woman who provides the spread. Leadership develops over decades and campaigns.

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