A new toy?

Remember mutt? The subby boy I topped at the Christmas party? Well Daddy said I can have him as a play partner if I want. When he told me, it felt like he was giving me a present… a shiny new toy to play with.

I was surprised when Daddy gave me permission. I thought the subject was closed. But he knows me and he knows even though I find the most joy and fulfillment in my submission to him, I have other urges. I can try and suppress them…  and I would try, if it pleased him. I told him this. But they would surface unbidden.

I think he gets that and that’s why he said I could have mutt if I wanted. I’m not sure I’ll take him on yet. My tendency has been to jump into things without thinking things through. That has gotten me into some predicaments in the past. I am learning from Daddy to think things through before acting on impulse.

So I’ll take my time and get to know mutt first before deciding if I want him as a play partner. I may in the end decide I don’t want it. Or him.

The good thing is mutt isn’t sexual. It would just be me beating on him, having him serve me, giving me foot rubs, humiliating him when I felt like it. Someone to feed my sadistic needs, physically and emotionally. My body belongs to Daddy and I want to keep it that way. If he decides we will be sexual with someone else or another couple, do be it. If he decides he wants me to service another orally for whatever reason (as punishment or for his amusement), I will obey…. because I belong to him and it would be by his order. That’s different than me taking on a partner sexually.

So mutt fits into that nicely. Now teasing and denying him, making him ask for permission to cum… I don’t see those things as being sexual with him… but I guess I’d better get clarification on that. By “not being sexual” with him, I take that to mean there is no reciprocation. I’m not letting him touch me sexually, I’m not giving him a blow job… those types of things.

But it’s best to talk about this with Daddy first…. after all, every new toy should come with instructions.


5 thoughts on “A new toy?

  1. Having him cum for you isn’t involving you sexually. He could cum on your feet and then have to lick them clean etc. I don’t see that as you being sexual. Though you might have fun.

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  2. Many prodommes will allow their male subs to cum if they become sexually aroused during a session. They don’t consider themselves sexually involved unless they have a romantic attachment to the client. Sex workers believe that if you touch a guys genitals to facilitate t&d, you are sexually involved. You might need to assure Daddy that what you do with mutt will not lead to a romantic relationship (unless you want it to have that outcome).

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