I was reading the Tell Me About Erotic Humiliation prompt and so here are my thoughts on humiliation…

It’s hard to describe how I feel when I’m being humiliated or degraded. In regular vanilla life if anyone were to humiliate/degrade me in such ways it would be unacceptable to me and certainly not tolerated. Yet in my kink life I crave it. Weird.

When I’m being humiliated or degraded I feel my stomach tie into knots and I just want to disappear. But my pussy tingles and gets wet because goddammit it’s turning me on.

It is a very effective tool for putting me in a submissive mindset. When I’m being humiliated and degraded I feel put in my place and very much beneath him. Humiliate me and you will have me groveling at your feet. And it is a delicious feeling, even as my logical brain screams what a fool I am.

Things that I would find super humiliating:

  • Making me say things aloud, such as “I’m a dirty slut who likes cock in her ass”, or “I’m just a baby who needs to wear diapers”


  • Making me pee my pants/undies -watching me as I do this and making fun of me


  • Wearing a gag and/or cow bells at the dungeon


  • The obvious -spitting (especially into my mouth) and urinating on me, or mixing my drink with your urine or spit and making me drink it in public


  •  Having to refer to myself as “this slut” at the dungeon or amongst kinky friends


  • Public funishments

Those are just a few and I’m not giving anymore because if I know MrDom, he’s taking notes!

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