Birthday fun and healing

For those who have waited to hear about the Birthday party and who followed all the  hints, the party was last night and I’m going to do my best to tell you about it now….

To recap, my good friend z wanted to celebrate my birthday and my best friend’s birthday, since hers is the day before mine. He was hosting a party. Him and I agreed to do a scene together and I told him to surprise me with it. I trust z and know he would never hurt me.

And then this happened and I almost called it off, because the thought of putting my body and safety in someone’s else’s hands no longer felt safe, even if it’s someone I previously trusted and have no reason to doubt that trust.

I explained to z exactly what happened and that I was struggling. Immediately he said just come, we don’t have to scene. But I explained it’s like falling off a bike… if I don’t get back on, my anxiety will grow and I think it would be a lot harder to play with someone the more time went on. He said of course he would help.

We arrived and z explained that something would be crossed off my bucket list, if I consented: being put on display. He told me exactly what would happen. He promised I would be safe and no one would be allowed to hurt me. I said let’s do it!

So I had to get naked. All I wore was a sparkly birthday girl tiara. Z blindfolded me and cuffed me to the cross in his foyer, facing out, so I would be on display to all who came in for the party. He also asked guests to “sign in”, handing them a sharpie and indicating they were to sign their names on me!

I thought I would be shy and self conscious but I wasn’t. I freakin owned it! I was having so much fun being the display and sign-in girl. Even when z got some ice cubes and rubbed my nipples and pussy and ass with them! I think someone else was helping him at one point, but I was blindfolded so I can’t be certain.

Z gave a little speech to everyone who came in, explaining it was my birthday and “see this tushy here? This is a birthday tushy, but it’s not a tushy we hurt. We can pet the tushy, we can kiss the tushy, we can give it a little tap like this…. But under no circumstances do we hurt this birthday tushy.”

I adored him even more for that.

After about an hour of being on display and written on, I was relieved of my post and could get dressed again. I wore my party dress:


It felt very strange to walk into a room full of strangers (these were Z’s friends and I had only met a couple of them before) who had all seen me naked, yet I hadn’t seen or met them yet! Oh boy. I’d introduce myself to someone and I could imagine what was going through their mind, “yeah I know who you are. My signature is on your left tit.” Gghhhaaawww! Embarrassing, but in a good way  

I forgot to mention that for my best friend, Z had a little surprise as well. He handed her an insertable toy that worked by remote and for the rest of the night that remote was passed around. She never knew who had it at any particular time. It was a fun game! She was a trooper and outlasted that toy! By the end of the night the battery had worn out and she was still wearing it.

So after I got into my party dress, I didn’t last very long in clothes. Z announced it was time for our mystery scene. He explained all the clues as he brought me downstairs to where the tall v-chair was. On a little table to the side there was chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, cherries, whip cream, ice cream, two bananas, and sprinkles. Now I understood him when he said the theme was “banana split.”

I have never had a food scene before. I believe the term is sploshing, which means:

Wet and messy fetish (WAM), also known as sploshing, is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when copious amounts of a substance are applied to the naked skin, face, or to clothing.

I undressed, again, and sat up on the v chair. Something like this, but taller:


I could feel my pussy spread open and was quite embarrassed. He retrained my head by tying my ponytail to the back. He tied my arms and legs down and put a belt around my middle.

Next he tried to secure the hitachi in place but it kept falling off. Finally he took a toy that inserts and sucks the clit at the same time. Only I told him there’s no way that would stay inside. Not with my legs spread like that…. it would just vibrate itself out.

Not to worry! He returned with duct tape. And yes, Z duct taped a toy to my pussy. It worked! Duct tape really does solve everything.

Then Z took the chocolate sauce and started at my neck, dribbling it over my breasts, belly and legs, letting it glide down my body. He did the same with the strawberry syrup, whip cream, ice cream and sprinkles. He would rub it in, his hand gliding smoothly all over my body. I was laughing and becoming aroused. He held the toy in deeper and I started to moan and grind against his hand, a gooey mess.

It was hot that people were watching. And I came. Twice. I would have some more but I started to slide off the chair. It had become slippery. So he let me down.

Z took my hand and walked me to the back where the shower was. He turned it on and had me stand inside while he sponged everything off.

At one point he asked quietly “are those bruises between your thighs from them on Wednesday?” And I nodded. He just nodded back and kept sponging me. When I got out he handed me a fluffy towel and pointed to a kimono robe for me to wear.

It was an amazing night. There was no impact. There was no birthday spankings either. I felt just the right amount of embarrassment but it was lighthearted and fun. I felt beautiful and loved and cared for. It was exactly what I needed and I’ll be forever grateful to my cherished friend z and my sister.

By the way this was our cake:


6 thoughts on “Birthday fun and healing

  1. Fabulous cake and a simply wonderful experience!! I wish I were there! Hmmm where would I have signed on you?? You can bet it would have been an intimate spot! I wonder if anyone did sign there!
    I’m so glad you had fun! Z sounds like a good person! Happy birthday my dear friend!

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