His collared submissive

On Friday three of us played together, Sir, my best friend, L and I. A while back Sir recognized that my sadist needs were going unmet. Maybe it was an increase in the biting and scratching, or the look that comes over my face during or just after, orgasm that says “I want to fucking hurt you.” He kindly offers me his forearm for me to bite on. Sometimes it’s just not enough.

So he suggested I ask my “sister” (my bestie) if she wanted to play with us, since her masochistic needs surely were going unmet. And she enthusiastically agreed! Just two sisters, helping each other out.

I had her naked, up on the cross. Sir stood behind the cross, facing her, so he could talk to her, drop her into subspace with his words, (and I suspect so he could watch me) while I spanked her, flogged her, whipped her, bit her, etc. It felt good to beat on someone.

When I had enough, I said “would you like her now, Sir?” And he took over, placing her bent over on the spanking bench. I really enjoyed watching him play with her. I may have tried to spur him on. I may even have tried to distract him by playing with my tits at one point.

Soon though he attached my cuffed wrists to the ceiling just behind L and the bench so be could hit us both. He made me cum and then made me tell her I came. Then he made her call me a “dirty, greedy slut”, which she clearly enjoyed calling me, more than she should have! Lol

The play did not turn sexual with L. That was not the purpose of it. Her need to be hurt and my need to cause pain has been satiated, for now. We three enjoyed ourselves and laughed a lot. It was a nice prelude to kinky camp, coming up in about 10 days.

On Saturday, Sir and I took a trip a couple hours away to visit a BDSM store that makes custom leather accessories and impact toys. We were going to pick out a collar for me! I was to be his collared submissive and I was very excited.

On the drive up, and back, Sir would periodically push my legs open and play with his pussy. He also had me bare my breasts in the car for those driving by to see. When he does this, it reinforces my submission. I am embarrassed but also turned on.

We got to the store late in the day. The lady working was so helpful and sweet.Β  We had already decided on royal blue and black as the colour (he chose the blue to match my eyes). There were none on display. Sir asked and she said she was in the process of making some blue ones right now. So guess who got a custom made collar, measured to fit, and crafted while we waited??? Me!!!

She was so sweet and I felt like a princess being fitted for her crown. She put the strap of leather around my neck and asked Sir what he thought. They talked about the type of ring to use and the orientation of it. And I just stood there and beamed inside.

After he paid we walked out and as we were going to the car I heard someone say my name. It was a couple friend from another city who just happened to make the drive up there the same time we did! I hadn’t seen them since before Covid, so it was exciting. More importantly I got to show off my brand new collar and introduce Sir to more of my friends.

On our way home, he pulled over to take some pics of me in my collar.


There were other photos taken, more uh… nakedy ones, on the side of the road with a farm house in the background…. but this is all you get today… ok fine, twist my arm (Michael πŸ˜‰) here is one more:


We talked about me being his collared submissive now and how we both feel about that. He said he was very proud to collar me and can’t wait for camp so everyone knows that I am his. I feel honoured to wear his collar and can’t wait for camp either.

There was a time when I seriously thought I would not wear anyone’s collar ever again… where I didn’t think I would be someone’s submissive ever again. I didn’t want someone dictating how to live my life… didn’t think I could trust someone enough to hand over control… thought I was a bad submissive and therefore should just stick to being a bottom and a unicorn.

I know it’s crazy… that it’s only been five months… but we met right before Covid hit and continued to see each other. So my entire focus has been him (and vice versa). We’ve seen each other several times a week, many of those times were several nights in a row, for the past five months. So when you think of it like that, it’s not so crazy that my trust, my lust, my love, and my desire to submit to him has grown this quickly.

And I am very much looking forward to the future, while trying not to be fearful of how much he has come to mean to me.

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