About Me


I’ve been a submissive. I’ve been a Mistress. I identified as a switch. After some soul-searching during this unfortunate pandemic, this is what I’ve come to realize:

• I am primarily and inherently a submissive. I am happiest serving, being used, and suffering for my Sir. He leads me down paths of darkness and depravity, and forces me to admit the truth (that yes, I like it and want it all!) I have never felt more excited, or more cared for, than I do with Him.

• I am a sadomasochist. I derive pleasure from giving and receiving pain. I enjoy needles, blood play, impact, emotional masochism, degradation, and other stuff – the edgier, the better.

• I am an exhibitionist. Topping, bottoming, fucking, being naked… are all made even better with an audience, don’t ya think? I do! Also, my Sir and I find public play, with the risk of getting caught, exhilarating. (Disclaimer: we are careful not to possibly expose any minors to our exploits)

• I have another persona who is little. Her name is Lily. I’m very protective of her.

This blog is a record of my BDSM experiences. It is also a place for me to explore my thoughts and feelings while on this crazy, wicked ride.