The sadist in me is awake

Maybe a month ago now, Sir suggested I get in touch with a guy I know (who he met at the House before lockdown) to see if he would be interested in bottoming for me. It’s funny how Sir notices when my desire to inflict pain turns to a need, even before I do. It’s […]

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Blood play (#NSFW, 18+)

I did a needle scene last night on z. He’s an excellent play partner because he’s an edge player and will literally let me try and do anything on him. He has a high pain tolerance as well. He asked if he could drive down from his place across the border and have a scene […]

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Topping bob

I had two completely opposite scenes last night at the party. In the first one, I Topped a gentleman with impact play. About a week ago I was contacted by a Femdom couple from across the border. We have met a few times at various events. He had seen me play with z and in […]

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The Mistress Munch

I had a great day yesterday. It started with the Mistress Munch Mistress hosts every couple of months. It’s very selective. A maximum of 12 Dominant woman are invited to attend. Each munch has a topic. This month it was on CBT. We had four men serving us lunch and champagne. And then bottoming for […]

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“I’m free!” #NSFW 18+

It was another Wicked Wednesday at the dungeon. It was also a tough day for me. The anniversary of my mother’s passing. She was my best friend. There are certain times I slip into little mode more easily. No effort needed actually, it just happens. These times are when I’m feeling sick, overly tired, or […]

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