Denial as a punishment

Denial as punishment or discipline does not do good things for my mental health.  Denial as a demonstration of who is in control; denial as a way of suffering for him; denial simply for his amusement; denial as a “funishment” for being bratty; all still suck, but is fine. Denial as a true punishment – […]

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Playing at my house

I had my girl come over the other night and we played for the first time at my house. My little guy was asleep. My adult daughter was watching a movie and as far as she was concerned we were just hanging out in my room, talking like women do, listening to music. Meanwhile….. I […]

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s gets spanked -OTK style

Never underestimate the power of an OTK spanking… I put s over my knee the other night and gave him a good hard spanking. He hated it. (Crazy huh? Like, who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned OTK spanking?!) But he was snippy with me all day and I was just tired of his disrepectful […]

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Toys…. and anal

Today’s writing prompt came to me via email through Loving BDSM 30 Days of D/s and is all about toys. What kind of toys do you like, what do you like about toys, how do you use your toys, etc. I do talk about toys here but somehow digressed to anal sex… It should be no surprise […]

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A long, hard spanking

This one is for NaughtyNora… I texted him: Daddy there’s one thing I want for tomorrow.  Oh? And what’s the one thing you want for tomorrow? A long hard spanking. With pleasure. Thank you Daddy. I arrive wearing a short beige and white polka dot dress with lace blue panties underneath that barely cover my […]

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Missed opportunity for s

Tonight he suggested he be allowed a release. It’s been awhile, at least a week (I really should be keeping track. Or at least have him keep track) so I agreed. But it would be on my terms. It’s always on my terms. I stripped down to my panties and laid beside him but away […]

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