“V is for…. Voracious”

I forgot V! Heehee ”V” is for…. Voracious I am greedy. I want it all and want it now. I want all of Daddy. I’m learning to share…. I want him to be happy. I’m learning to meet his needs first… I trust that mine will be met -or not, if he thinks that is […]

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“T is for…. Tasks”

”T” is for…. Tasks Tasks keep me in line. They enforce my submission and his Dominance over me. A lot of them are in place to improve me physically and mentally. I’m sure by completing them I am feeding MrDom’s Dominance as well. We reviewed my list of tasks and rules tonight. Here are my […]

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“R is for…. Respect”

“R is for…. Respect” MrDom and I had a very frank, open conversation this weekend in which we both made ourselves vulnerable. It wasn’t easy. We bring our own baggage into this relationship and our individual, less-than-perfect communication styles. But we did it. We laid ourselves bare and put to rest many issues. How? Respect. […]

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“Q is for…. Queen”

”Q is for…. Queen” MrDom and I have a dream of building an empire together, where he is King and I am Queen and we own a bunch of slaves, male, female, trans… it matters not. All that matters is that they serve us and suffer for us. I bow to him in this dream […]

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“P is for…. Pee”

“P” is for… Pee MrDom has peed on me before. Always when we’ve been in the shower together. Once in my mouth. Yuck. It is humiliating and degrading. Which turns me on. There. I admitted it. Humf. Most of my fantasies are about me being humiliated and degraded in some way….   Being loaned out. […]

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