The reality of D/s

Sir and I were lying in bed talking the other night. I forget exactly what I said, but it was something about protocols in D/s. He called me on it. He said I had mentioned protocols enough times lately that it must be something I feel is missing, and wondered if I felt I needed […]

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Problems in Paradise?

It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been a bit down lately. I haven’t been able to put into words how I’m feeling. I’m still not able, but I will try. Sir and I continue to have hot, steamy, messy, prolonged sex, often rough and hard just the way I like it. Spankings […]

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Obedience oriented submissive

I’ve had a discovery of what I am, but I still don’t know what I need… I started reading a new book, called “Conquer Me” by Kacie Cunningham and almost immediately I had a profound realization about my submissive self. I am not a sevice-oriented submissive. That’s not the realization though. I’ve known that about […]

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It’s about perspective

I was just having a conversation with Sir and my mind was blown by something he said.  We were talking about our D/s. It had been awhile since we did a check-in. I’ve been feeling a bit stagnant in my submission. Not in how we play… not in questioning his Dominance… It’s more like the […]

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Our first misunderstanding

SirL and I had our first misunderstanding this week. I informed him that I was going to be in a video chat that night. He responded in a way that I interpreted as him being upset about it (his words were perfectly fine, but it was reminiscent of something from a previous relationship, so I […]

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“C” is for…. Communication

“C” is for…. Communication…. Good communication is important for any relationship, especially so for those in a D/s one. I’ve read so much about how important it is for the sub to communicate openly and honestly with their Dom/me. To share what their needs and wants are, when they are experiencing issues like depression, PTSD, […]

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Jealousy in D/s Relationships

I have followed LovingBDSM on YouTube, twitter, email, and now fetlife, and have listened to their podcasts, since the beginning of my D/s journey. (I remember being so excited when Kayla recommended my blog on her website!) Kayla and John Brownstone released a new video today, Jealousy in D/s Relationships. I’ve decided to break it […]

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