My CNC Experience (#NSFW, 18+)

Content Warning: This post includes depictions of CNC (Consensual Non-Consent) and may be triggering for someone with a history of sexual violation. Sir has earned full CNC from me. I trust him to take me places physically and mentally, and then put me back together after, often stronger than before.  He raped my mouth. Or […]

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On consent

MrDom and I practice consensual non consent in our relationship, which is 24/7 D/s. This means he has my consent to do or command anything he wants at anytime without seeking my prior consent, with the exception being my hard limits (and yes Daddy, tickling is still on there!) You must have a lot of […]

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“N” is for…. No!

“N is for…. No!” Can a submissive say no to their Dom/me? Well there’s not a yes or no answer to this. D/s is very individualistic so it really depends on your dynamic. There are as many ways to do a D/s dynamic as there are D/s dynamics out there. For some, a sub can […]

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