Letting a sub go

I had to let a sub go yesterday. This is the second time I’ve had to do this. The first was toy, who I adored but the time difference just didn’t work for us. He didn’t want to be let go but understood. We have played a bit since then but not often. It was […]

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I get bored

I get bored. I like being pursued or pursuing. Once I’ve been caught or have caught you, the fun shouldn’t end there. Make me laugh. Excite me. Arouse me. If you don’t, I get bored. Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s a two way street. But I put in my efforts. I try and […]

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Odds and ends

I was asked recently what can online subs do for me to make my life easier. Practical things. The person asking couldn’t see it possible that they would actually be useful for something other than entertainment or feeding my dominance. There are a number of things they do for me. From weather reports every morning […]

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The power of words

I have a very vivid imagination. Which is why Words are so powerful for me. They create instant images in my mind and can transport me to whichever scenario they happen to be creating. Spin me a fantasy with your Words and I am engulfed by them, living it. My mind is easily the most […]

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Update on the boys

I realize I haven’t done an update post in awhile. So here goes… j: I don’t know what to say about him. On the one hand, I love that he makes it all about it me. “Whatever you desire Mistress. I exist to serve you. Please you. Make you happy…..” blah blah blah. It’s …. […]

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The lovely blog award

Domina Jen nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award. I’m not sure what the qualifications are but I am very honoured anyway! These are the Rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award. 2. Share seven things about yourself. 3. Nominate 7 other bloggers and inform them. Wow seven things about me…. ok. […]

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Obedient student

I have a teacher. She is a true believer in the Devine Female. A Female Supremest. She is aware I do not fully accept her beliefs, however she agreed to take me on as her student anyway. To guide me to a path of feeling empowered and entitled. Why? Well that is an interesting story… […]

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Changes in husband

So it was last week sometime that I wanted husband to top in bed. As a sadomasochist I have needs I want him to meet because, let’s face it, giving yourself a spanking just isn’t the same thing, is it? So when I want some pain mixed in with my pleasure, I let him know. […]

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