After our impact scene, He told me to get out my toys (the clitinators), lay naked on the couch, and start playing with His pussy.  “You will not cum. You will do this until it’s time to go to bed.” Over and over again, for the next hour and a half, I brought myself to […]


Simple games to play with your sub

I enjoy playing games. All kinds. Board games. Cards. Dice. You name it. I’m pretty competitive so maybe that accounts for it. So it’s only natural that as a Mistress I have incorporated my love of game playing into my dynamic. It makes things fun, exciting, and interesting. It also creates a good balance between […]

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The boys

J is very obedient. I can’t take too much credit for that. He came to me well trained. I finally had cause to punish him the other day. It was minor. He hadn’t messaged me when he got home. I have to say I got worried. So unlike him. I’m used to him telling me […]

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Pet feels down

This might be a bit of a rambling post. I don’t have a clue where it’s going to go. I just know I want to process a bit on my pet tonight. A few days ago I was talking with pet about feeling depressed. I’ve been a bit withdrawn. Also on this day I ruined […]

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Porn and games

Pet has been given an assignment to find a needle in a haystack: soft (or erotic) FemDom porn that appeals to women, vs men. Does it even exist? I’m not a viewer of porn, FemDom or otherwise, but from what I hear this could be nonexistent. But pet has assured me he will suffer through […]

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Drink up

I realize it’s been 3 days since I posted something here. So here’s a little about the toy. The toy and I are long distance. Our conversations are via phone and video. A couple days can go by where we don’t communicate. Of course I know this means toy can masturbate and cum on his […]

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Toy’s dickie stays locked in its cage anytime he is not home with his wife. I ensure this by randomly demanding a photo. I make him do something different for the picture every time to ensure it’s a new one, ie/ stand on one foot, hold it in your left hand, etc. I don’t really […]

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Mindf*cks and ego boosts

I love mindfucking my toy. After a weekend of freedom he is once again locked back into his cage where he belongs. Tried begging me to let him go without today but we both knew he was dying to lock it up again. We were talking about prostrate milking and I told him I was […]

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