Thoughts from a male submissive

I mentioned in my last post that I had pet make a blog when we first started. I left it up to pet to decide if he wanted to make it public or private. He chose to leave it private, which I think is a shame. I think other subs could relate to what he […]

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Pet feels down

This might be a bit of a rambling post. I don’t have a clue where it’s going to go. I just know I want to process a bit on my pet tonight. A few days ago I was talking with pet about feeling depressed. I’ve been a bit withdrawn. Also on this day I ruined […]

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A Day of Punishments

Sometimes I struggle with coming up with punishment ideas when I can’t be there in person, in the moment. In person I can spank him, apply icy hot, clothespins, etc. Otherwise I have to be more creative. I’m lucky to have helpful and creative friends to get ideas from! The sub hub messed up today. […]

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Porn and games

Pet has been given an assignment to find a needle in a haystack: soft (or erotic) FemDom porn that appeals to women, vs men. Does it even exist? I’m not a viewer of porn, FemDom or otherwise, but from what I hear this could be nonexistent. But pet has assured me he will suffer through […]

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Contradiction and Questions

I am a nice person. I’m kind, compassionate, caring. I enjoy building people up and making them feel good about themselves. It’s one of my favourite things to do actually. I also love it when I can say or do the right things to make someone feel better when they are down. I guess it’s […]

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Pushed by pet

Time to talk about my pet and his uncanny ability to know, across many miles and through a screen, just what I need. Whether it’s intentional or not, it seems to be this way with him. The past couple of days I’ve been feeling vulnerable. It’s hard to be dominant when one feels vulnerable. I […]

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Mindf*cks and ego boosts

I love mindfucking my toy. After a weekend of freedom he is once again locked back into his cage where he belongs. Tried begging me to let him go without today but we both knew he was dying to lock it up again. We were talking about prostrate milking and I told him I was […]

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Thoughts from my pet

When I accepted my pet I had him create a blog, to share his thoughts and for assignments etc. Mostly the thoughts thing. It’s very helpful to me. But he’s not a blogger and finds writing his thoughts a challenge. I told him today that it makes me happy when he writes in his blog. […]

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Pet words

Pet. Ah what can I say about my pet? He has slave potential, that one. If in the real world his situation were different, a Domme interested in M/s would swoop him up in a heart beat. He requires very little training. From the start pet has been willing to put his own needs and […]

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