MrDom is an….

… awesome guy! He thought I was going to post something else there… because of the punishment I received last night. But what he doesn’t realize is, as much as I HATED it and really hoped he wasn’t serious, or would change his mind and let me off, I respect him for not letting it […]

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Simple games to play with your sub

I enjoy playing games. All kinds. Board games. Cards. Dice. You name it. I’m pretty competitive so maybe that accounts for it. So it’s only natural that as a Mistress I have incorporated my love of game playing into my dynamic. It makes things fun, exciting, and interesting. It also creates a good balance between […]

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The boys

J is very obedient. I can’t take too much credit for that. He came to me well trained. I finally had cause to punish him the other day. It was minor. He hadn’t messaged me when he got home. I have to say I got worried. So unlike him. I’m used to him telling me […]

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Pet feels down

This might be a bit of a rambling post. I don’t have a clue where it’s going to go. I just know I want to process a bit on my pet tonight. A few days ago I was talking with pet about feeling depressed. I’ve been a bit withdrawn. Also on this day I ruined […]

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A Day of Punishments

Sometimes I struggle with coming up with punishment ideas when I can’t be there in person, in the moment. In person I can spank him, apply icy hot, clothespins, etc. Otherwise I have to be more creative. I’m lucky to have helpful and creative friends to get ideas from! The sub hub messed up today. […]

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