Introducing Gracey

I had such a busy week I didn’t have time to describe scene 4 of 4 from last weeks’s play party… and now I won’t remember enough details for to put in a blog. I can tell you I had some delicious marks on my bottom and thighs. I can’t tell you from what. I […]

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Scene 3 of 4: subbie boy

Comtinued from Scene 2 of 4: a double bare handed spanking (#NSFW, 18+) “What would you like me to do with these?” mutt says and gestures to his clothes. ”Well take them off of course,” I reply. Silly boy! “I’d like to keep my boxers on if you don’t mind.” I tell him that’s fine. But […]

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My hope

Ever since the decision was made to separate it has been an emotional roller coaster. Currently (and it is my hope moving forward) he wants to depart as friends. But sometimes his hurt turns to anger. I know I broke his heart with my words “I think we will be happier apart.” And I break […]

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Furcissy is writing again. I like that because his posts usually make me consider my own thoughts and feelings. His latest post is no exception. Particularly in his section entitled I am food for sadists. (Umm lets just pause and appreciate just how yummy that title is, shall we? Ok. Moving on…) In it he states the following: […]

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Yucky thoughts

Ok so I’m not liking this. When I shared with him that I was feeling less than favourable about him seeing VGF this weekend he asked if it was because I didn’t have my partner anymore. I said not really, it had more to do with my emotions right now, which are making me more […]

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