No. Daddy Issues The Neighbourhood Take you like a drug I taste you on my tongueYou ask me what I’m thinking about I’ll tell you that I’m thinking about Whatever you’re thinking about Tell me something that I forget But you might have to tell me again It’s crazy what you do for a friend […]

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Pets response to today

Pet surprised me with a post on his blog. He doesn’t write often, usually just when I ask for research. His blog status is private but I’m going to share this one. Why? Cuz it just makes me feel so good dammit! 🙂 From pet: Well Mistress, here I am, still alive. Lol But wow, […]

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The game

Well goddamn this was a fun morning! The game I had planned worked beautifully and the timing was impeccable. We had 15 minutes to spare for some after care and debriefing. I think it’s important I let pet know that I appreciate him and to make sure he was feeling ok after our….festivities. Especially since […]

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Help from an unlikely source

So for those who read my main blog you know I haven’t been feeling my dominance recently. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. I lose confidence. Still so new to this so I won’t beat myself up too much about that. But it has brought me low to where I just wasn’t wanting […]

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The boys

J is very obedient. I can’t take too much credit for that. He came to me well trained. I finally had cause to punish him the other day. It was minor. He hadn’t messaged me when he got home. I have to say I got worried. So unlike him. I’m used to him telling me […]

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