Humiliation (KOTW)

Kink of the Week question: does some form of humiliation work for you in a sexual/kinky way? If so are you the one being humiliated or the one dishing it out? Either way, what about it works for you? What kind of things fire up your humiliation kink? How did you discover it turned you on? […]

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Forced age regression

I added “forced age regression to my bucket list recently. I came across this person’s explanation on “Forced” Regression is like any other “forced” dynamic. It is not truly forced as there is always an underlying consent factor and that there will always be safe words (or should be).  Essentially it is when one […]

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My updated bucket list -July 2019

Here is my updated bucket list. Some things have been crossed off, some new things have been added: seeing Daddy play drums take a ride on Daddy’s bike CoTopping together  ffm threesome mmf threesome sex with another couple (swinging) being his slave (temporary/time limited) predicament bondage Being gagged orgasm control/edging while being restrained (we have […]

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What you don’t see

You see him grab my hair and drag me to the cross. You don’t see when he takes my hand as we walk down the street. You see him slap my face and call me “whore”. You don’t see when he caresses my cheek and calls me “beautiful”. You see him force me to my […]

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300+ followers (#NSFW, 18+)

So I’ve reached over 300 followers here. 302 to be exact. I’ve been thinking of what to post in honour of this momentous occasion. I can’t think of anything, other than thank you all for your support and I appreciate your readership very much….so instead Ima just leave this here… You’re welcome.

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