sub or slave?

I believe the biggest difference  between a slave and a sub is the fact that subs have some freedom and slaves have none. Also a sub can negotiate when they don’t particularly agree with something where is a slave does not have that privilege. I know he’s training me to be his slave one day. […]

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The Darkness is my enemy

I feel it creeping in. It’s edges are close. Almost touching me. Dancing around. I can’t stop it. It’s not something hard or animate that I can push back on. It’s the Darkness. It seeps in, hardly noticeable until it descends. It’s then that I realize it’s been doing it’s dance, slowly creeping back, and […]

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It happened (#NSFW, 18+)

I want something so bad but I’m so shy to ask for it. I work myself up to where I finally squeak out a “D-Daddy?” It’s barely above a whisper. He doesn’t hear me. I clear my throat and try again. “Um Daddy?” ”Yes pookie?” I stumble over the words, finally squeaking out my request: […]

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I was dealt with (#NSFW, 18+)

In my post “I’ll deal with you later” which was in response to this Daddy expressed his disappointment in my behaviour and told me I was to expect a punishment. Some of you have asked what happened. Well, I was dealt with. For that and because I told him and B in our group chat “fuck you both”. I […]

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Zap!! (#NSFW, 18+)

We visited the dungeon this week for Wicked Wednesday. I first Topped a friend. She had some very complimentary things to say about the way I played with her. I may describe that scene later. What I want to write about is my scene with MrDom and the power of Words. It was the first […]

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