Brat Skills

So how are my brat skills coming along, y’all? 😛😛 Sir loves the challenge that bratting brings to his Dominance. He also enjoys banter. I think I’m getting better at it? Its a challenge for me, particularly when we are together, because I feel so submissive in his presence. Imma keep trying though!

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“But Siiiirrr, I’ll be the only one exposed!” “Yeah, so?” “I know! I’ll just tell F to make A show her tits too!” “No you won’t.” “Oh yes I will! I’m gonna tell him to expose A so I won’t be the only one!” “No. You won’t. Because you are a submissive and you don’t […]

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Is something wrong with me?

What woman asks their man, when he texts her from the grocery store, to please hit on the next available, attractive woman he sees, and then tell her about it after? When he said he would, I got so excited. Aroused, not only by the idea of him hitting on her, but by the idea […]

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Possible Exposure?

This Friday night, Sir and I are visiting a couple we know from the kink community, along with my “sister”. He said he may make me go under the table to pleasure him while he talks with the other Dom there! I think he’s just fucking with me about this.  But then he said he […]

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My CNC Experience (#NSFW, 18+)

Content Warning: This post includes depictions of CNC (Consensual Non-Consent) and may be triggering for someone with a history of sexual violation. Sir has earned full CNC from me. I trust him to take me places physically and mentally, and then put me back together after, often stronger than before.  He raped my mouth. Or […]

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Double the Toy Review

BestVibe sent me three new toys to test. As with my last experience, they did not take long to arrive despite coming from our seas. I was looking forward to trying the Viotec Touch Screen G Spot Vibrator, the 10 Vibration 360 Rotational Simulation Nipple Suckers and the Swirly Butt Plug Glass Double Headed Dildo. This review will […]

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TMI Tuesday- Would You Rather?

Would you rather: Have sex with someone who never showers or someone who never brushes their teeth? Never brushes their teeth. Can always use non-facing positions. Only have sex in the shower for the rest of your life or only have sex on the floor for the rest of your life? I don’t enjoy sex […]

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