Double life

He meets my need to dominate. For that I am grateful. I tried turning him into a switch. It didn’t work. Backfired. He’s not like me. He’s his own person. I accept this now. But I have another need I can’t ignore. I can’t deny. He can’t meet this one. One I must have met […]

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His lesson

Copied from my other blog The baskets that he was supposed to take downstairs are still there when I wake up this morning. The bag of dirty clothes still at the foot of the stairs waiting for him to bring them to the laundry as asked. This is day two or three. I don’t remember. […]

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I really admire those who know exactly what they want. Who know who they are. I don’t know what I want. Actually maybe it’s not that I don’t know what I want. Maybe it’s that I know what I want but I can’t have it, so I look for concessions but am never really satisfied. […]

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Rope bottom

So I talked about K, a very experienced Domme, in my last post, having met her at the munch a few days ago. She is vivacious and sexy and charismatic. Her passion is rope. She was trained at an exclusive school in Toronto. Anywho I just received a message from her and guess what? Yup! […]

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