Sir feeds me (#NSFW, 18+)

We are laying on my bed watching a true crime show when he gets up, calmly walks to my side and guides me up by my hair. He walks me like this over to the red chaise lounge. Holding my chin to force me to look at him, he tells me I’m going to get […]

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punishment Rant

I want to be punished by being spanked really hard. Hit with “Stingy” even. I want my chin grabbed, forced to look in his eyes, and lectured. Stood in the corner with my pants down. Mouth washed out with soap while he tells me what a bad girl I’ve been. Bathroom privileges withdrawn so I […]

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Help Me Choose a Dildo

This company has asked me to review their product. I don’t use dildos very often, so I don’t have a wide experience with them. Plus, there are a TON to choose from, I just can’t seem to make up mind! I could really use your help in selecting which one I should try out. Please […]

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An ExPerience in SwinGing

In my previous post I said Sir and I would be swinging for the first time with a husband and wife couple, and I would share our experience.  I’ll just get right to the point…. it was not a great experience.  Sir did not enjoy himself with the wife. She had mutilate orgasms, from Sir’s fingers, […]

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A Swinging Good time… I hope!

In a few hours Sir and I will be visiting our couple friends, a husband and wife, and we will be…. swinging! This will be our first foray into the lifestyle of swinging with another couple. We’ve had a couple of threesomes with a female, but I haven’t been with another man, besides Sir, in […]

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my Struggle

I struggle with depression. I’ve wrote about this before. I’m one of the lucky ones, where the episodes are not very frequent and usually don’t last long. Not like they used to. But every once in a while I’m hit by a really bad one. The Darkness (thats what I call it) seems darker, deeper, […]

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Sir’s Surprise (#NSFW, 18+)

This weekend we went out of town. First we visited our friend Doc (you can read about her here hypnosis (pigs and leaches) -kinky camp 2021)  I had wondered (and rather hoped) Sir and Doc had perhaps cooked up a surprise play scene for me during our visit. But all we did was sit and […]

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