“Dad’s got a girlfriend”

SirL told his boys about me. They are around 11 and 13 years old. He sat them down and said he has someone he wants them to meet. His one son said to the other, “Dad’s got a girlfriend.” When he showed them my picture, his 13 year old said “wow Dad, she’s hot!” Lol […]

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Lessons learned in Quarantine

What this quarantine has taught me…. To slow down. I was too much on the go, trying to get as much as I could out of every day. That’s not a bad thing. But that’s not sustainable either, and burning out was inevitable. It’s healthy to slow down and take some time just for myself, […]

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Claiming my slut (#NSFW, 18+)

I walk in the door, put my toy bag down, turn and face her. I place my hand on her neck and back her up until she is pressed against the door. Whispering in her ear, “Have you been thinking of me, slut?” She stammers “y-yes Miss.” “Who do you belong to?” “You Miss.” I […]

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He degraded me (#NSFW, 18+)

Never have I ever been degraded and humiliated like this before… not just in his actions, but the Words he used, what he made me say…. and yet it brought us closer together and solidified the trust we have in each other. He pushed me naked up against the door in his tiled foyer, took […]

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He was busy processing and deciding what he could give me of himself. I was busy making decisions and tying things up. We didn’t know what the other was doing until he called me. “I have some things to tell you.” “Oh oh” I said. He told me to be open minded. The things he […]

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The gamble

“I feel as your Dom, I have taken you as far as I can.” Panic. Heart beating faster. “What do you mean Sir? Why?” “You have a mental block. I can’t push past that. It’s been about two weeks now. The sex is amazing. But I need more than that. If I can’t get in […]

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I reached 500 followers today. That’s unbelievable to me! Coincidentally, my last post was my 500th post as well. I don’t write to garner followers and I make no money from my blog. But I’m grateful and honored that you choose to spend some of your time reading about my life. I’m also always grateful […]

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Not upset

So he wasn’t upset with me, as I thought he might me when I wrote Error in communication… or “I f*cked up, again” We talked about it. We talked about my triggers. He said in circumstances where we’ve had to address an issue, he will remember how vulnerable I feel and will take extra care […]

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