Just a taste

I stand over the sink, swishing mouth wash, when Sir walks in. He stands at the toilet and begins to pee. I spit into the sink and, keeping eye contact, I walk over and stand at his side. He looks inquisitively at me. I simply smile (it’s a naughty smile) and point my index finger […]

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The reality of D/s

Sir and I were lying in bed talking the other night. I forget exactly what I said, but it was something about protocols in D/s. He called me on it. He said I had mentioned protocols enough times lately that it must be something I feel is missing, and wondered if I felt I needed […]

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But then…

I complain about wanting certain things in my D/s dynamic, but then I spend the night with Sir and wonder what the hell was I complaining for? He exerts his Dominance over me in so many ways, some subtle (“You’re going to do this for me” followed by “good girl”), some not (grabbing my hair […]

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Problems in Paradise?

It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been a bit down lately. I haven’t been able to put into words how I’m feeling. I’m still not able, but I will try. Sir and I continue to have hot, steamy, messy, prolonged sex, often rough and hard just the way I like it. Spankings […]

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600+ Followers, As Promised

Whenever I reach a milestone in followers, 100, 200, 300… and so on, I post a photo as appreciation. Before I get to the photo though, I thought I’d take this opportunity to summarize my story, for my newest followers. Feel free to scroll straight to the photo if you feel this is a repeat […]

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Conquering the brat

I was sassy. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it resulted in him pulling me up on my tip toes by my hair. I continued to run my mouth. Just teasing, light hearted and sassy. Nothing completley disrespectful. I walked the line. But still, it got me dragged by my hair off the […]

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This week’s TMI Tuesday was all about polyamory. I’ve avoided writing on this subject because it’s complicated and kind of messy. Just thinking about writing about it felt daunting. But when the question came up, “Is polyamory something you want?“, I had to really take look at this. My answer became long and detailed enough to […]

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Oh oh. I’ve reached 600 followers. Time for a photo. Stay tuned…

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Poly Talk – TMI Tuesday – Dec 14, 2020

Guess what time it is–time to do TMI Tuesday! ░E░V░E░R░Y░B░O░D░Y░ ░S░H░O░U░L░D░ ░B░E░ ░D░O░I░N░G░ ░I░T░ Primer to terminology used this week. What is considered moral or immoral, accepted or prohibited is generally defined by the norms, values, and beliefs of society. 1. Agree or Disagree. If people want to have more than one spouse they should be allowed to […]

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