Internal dialogue (#NSFW, 18+)

Often times, when he tells me to do something dirty or slutty, I have an internal struggle going, an internal monologue as I try to process what he is telling me to do, talk myself out of it We are at the outdoor storage yard and he is working on the hitch for my trailer. […]

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Fear -Updated

I’m five hours away at a cottage up north with my sister and our boys. I don’t like being this far away from him, going this long until I get to see him again. But that’s typical, and therefore manageable. However, I haven’t had a good feeling about us since I arrived here, late Friday. […]

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Q & A

My friend¬†naughtynora commented on my post a few weeks back… “I truly loved reading this post. It sounds like you are finding freedom from the past, and happiness in the present. I always love hearing kinky stories, but I also love to read about the things that some feel are mundane‚Ķ. like, how is he […]

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Sir’s Song

The other day, Sir told me to look up a song with the lyrics and listen to them carefully, as he felt as though the song was written for us. As I listened and read the lyrics, I was overcome with emotion. I know he cares about me. I know he loves me even. That […]

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His collared submissive

On Friday three of us played together, Sir, my best friend, L and I. A while back Sir recognized that my sadist needs were going unmet. Maybe it was an increase in the biting and scratching, or the look that comes over my face during or just after, orgasm that says “I want to fucking […]

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Weekend Plans

I have an exciting weekend planned. Tonight, Sir and I will play with my sister…. not my bio sister, that would be weird for me. I mean my bestest friend. We are very close and tell each other everything, and we call each other sisters. We rented the dungeon for our play. It will involve […]

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Last night I cried while he was fucking me. And, seeing the tears fall from the outer corner of my eyes, he came, hard. My tears turn him on. When I sob from being impacted; when tears stream down my cheeks while being spanked; when my eyes fill and over flow because I’m being scolded; […]

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Stand off

He asks if I would like some iced tea and I say yes please. He takes a glass from the cupboard and then looks over, making sure I am watching him. His hand goes to the button on his pants. I watch as he unzips and takes his cock out. My eyes widen as I […]

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My Evolution of D/s

My expectations of D/s have changed. Perhaps evolved would be a more appropriate choice of word? I used to think, as a submissive, I needed to be assigned tasks, given a long list of rules, and adhere to daily and routine protocols. I even asked for these things. Completing my tasks, obeying my rules, and […]

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Car ride

We were driving the back country roads. I thought nothing was amiss, since we often take a drive in the country, holding hands, talking about any and everything. I should have been more suspicious when he turned onto a dirt road running between two crops of corn, only one farm house in the near distance. […]

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