Update on me

Ok now for me! So to get caught up on me and the husband you can read Update: the husband. As for me… hmmmm what can I say? I’ll just let my thoughts free flow. It’s been almost a year since I first read about D/s. A lot has happened in that time. You can read about […]

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Not enough

Me: Does it bother you I play with others? Him: You are too much to handle for just one person, dear. That is why you need the others. One will never be enough for you. You would never be satisfied. I pout at his words but deep inside I know he speaks the truth.  

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Update: the husband

For those who follow my other blog some of this is going to be a repeat. Feel free to skip it. I am coming to accept the fact that the husband is vanilla. And while he tries, and has been so open to experimenting with me, he will never be into the things I am […]

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Time to meet baby boy

What’s better than having him locked in a cage? Adding bells to it. So every time he walks or moves they go jingle jingle jingle. Hehe This is baby boy. He is freaking adorable. But also sexy as fuck. Oh and he reads this blog from time to time and is probably going to be […]

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How did he know?

Pet has been away from me for a month now. Very little communication because of the situation. But when we do manage messages I have been upbeat and positive for him because he doesn’t need to worry about me right now. He needs to focus on his recovery. Each day I’ve sunk deeper and deeper […]

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