A fun little list

Put a heart beside what you have done before. Thanks to Collared Michael and Succulent Savage for the idea! Been Married ❤ •Been divorced (No, but it’s in the process) •Fell in love ❤ •Skipped school ❤ •Watched someone give birth (not unless you count giving birth myself? I didn’t watch though. I was a little busy) •Watched someone die ❤ •Been […]

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Vanilla Update

I know some of you have said you like to know about the regular, “vanilla” type stuff that happens, particularly with respect to how my relationship with Sir is evolving. So I wanted to share something we think is exciting.  First, a bit of back story…  Sir met my adult daughters a few months ago. […]

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What I Learned in Lock Down

The pandemic sucks, obviously. I don’t need to list all the reasons for this. However, Covid, for me, has had it’s benefits. I know that sounds bad, and never would I have wished for it to happen. But I can’t ignore the fact that, in many ways, the pandemic, and subsequent lock down, has been […]

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Did he break me?

Sir was impacting me last night, a full hour+ of floggers, crop, paddles, punching, kicking, slapping, etc. We don’t have many of those. Not that I don’t suffer for him on a regular basis… I am a pain slut and he is a sadist. So, whether we are having sex or just sitting together, he […]

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Where oh where did my Dominance go?

I’ve asked myself (and been asked), “Where is your Dominance?” I identify as a switch, after all. So this is my attempt to process that question….  Since discovering my Dominant side a few years ago. I have referred to myself as a “sub-leaning switch”. I’ve always said that submission is my happy place. However, I […]

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