“I” is for…. Inspection

“I is for…. Inspection” When I Dommed s I would do inspections. I would have him stand in inspection pose and, holding my crop, slowly walk around him, dragging it along his body. If his ass wasn’t stuck out enough I’d hit it with crop and demand he fix his pose. I would check his […]

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TMI Tuesday – April 16, 2019

Hey, how are you? I hope this TMI Tuesday finds you well. 1. Would you rather get a spanking in front of your family or do a striptease at your workplace? I’ll take a spanking from Daddy anytime, anyplace! Plus no one wants to see me do a striptease lol I’m so not coordinated. 2. You […]

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“H” is for… Healing

“H is for…. Healing” Daddy and I video chatted last night. I was nervous because I really dislike myself on camera. I have resisted this for a long time. But he felt it was time to push me out of my comfort zone. I’m glad he did. Like what was I so nervous about??? It’s […]

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“G” is for… the Gift

“G is for …. the Gift” ”I feel like I’ve given a little piece of you away tonight, little girl.” ”No you didn’t Daddy. You just gave me a nice new toy to play with, that’s all!” ”Hmmm that’s a good way to look at it.” I am a switch. If you follow my blog […]

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“D” is for …. the Dance

“D” is for… the Dance MrDom likes when I dance for him. Not the lap-dance striptease kind of dance (though I’m sure he thinks he would like that too -until he actually sees me trying to do it!) He likes when I dance on the cross, on the whipping post, chained to the ceiling. When […]

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