TMI Tuesday – Sept 25, 2018

(Completing it early this week since I have the time right now…) TMI Tuesday is up! Do it, post it, read others TMI answers. 1. How do you and your loved one connect? MrDom and I seem to connect through touch. I have never been a very affectionate person but for some reason I want […]

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The pain is worth it (18+ #NSFW)

Continued from Finding my place After the DM class we remain at the venue because the party is starting soon. It is another back to school theme so I change into my very short plaid skirt, black corset and black over-the-knee boots. MrDom puts on my black leather, studded collar so I’m feeling a bit like […]

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Finding my place

I attended a Dungeon Monitoring class followed by a play party last night. The DM class was interesting. They told us what to watch out for, when we should interrupt a scene and when we should let it play out and discuss it with the players after, scenes that require more stringent monitoring vs those […]

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I follow Strict Julie Spanks’ blog. It’s interesting because even though she spanks her husband and is dominant with him, she has a submissive side that she isn’t ashamed of displaying. Strict Julie wrote an interesting blog about humilation. Aside from the fact that her recounts of how she has been humiliated made me somewhat (a lot) […]

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I got off easy…. sort of

So for those of you who have asked, I did get a punishment for plagerizing MrDom’s idea. He let me off easy with assigning me lines. But not so easy since I have to write 200 of them! Of course I would have preferred spankings or a good hard beating. Even one of his sadistic […]

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