Following through

Well I said I would do it and I’m a woman of my word. Photos of toy’s punishment, posted to my public blog for all to see. Nasty boy. I hope he’s learned his lesson. *sigh*    

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my rant. On my last nerve.

Believe me when I say this: I will take the old, goofy looking sub who obeys without a word, accepts punishment without complaint (even when it is not deserved) and understands his place, over the young, hot sub who is insolent, lazy and stupid. Anyday. Looks mean little to me. Your cock size means little […]

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Naughty little boy

Toy spent his first full day locked in my chasity device. He said he’s  never felt hornier before. Hmmm I would have thought that kinda defeats the purpose? Poor thing tried so hard not to have to pee. I guess all that water I made him drink wasn’t too helpful in that regard? He was […]

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Pet words

Pet. Ah what can I say about my pet? He has slave potential, that one. If in the real world his situation were different, a Domme interested in M/s would swoop him up in a heart beat. He requires very little training. From the start pet has been willing to put his own needs and […]

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Am I doing it right?

I read an interesting blog written by Scarlet A. Rihanna entitled FemDom: You’re Doing It Wrong. Naturally as someone who is just starting her explorations into the world of female domination I was intrigued. As I was reading, three thoughts came to my mind: 1. Titles I’ve been called “Queen” before by the husband, but […]

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