Kinky camp 2021

For the past four years I have been participated in what I call Kinky Camp. It a five dat event hosted by a gay male, clothing optional, campground a few hours from where I live. Every year they open it up to the BDSM community for five days of debauchery in the month of August. […]

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bucket list sept

I took a look back and it’s been a whole year since I’ve updated my bucket list (September 2020). So I decided to update it tonight. EXPLAINING MY LIST Category one are items from my last list. The items that are crossed off in this category were fulfilled over the past year. Items not crossed off […]

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I’m still here!

Hi Readers! I’m just letting you know I’m still here. I just haven’t posted in awhile. All is great, particularly between Sir and I. I have several drafts in the works from our kinky camp this year. It was awesome! We did so much and bonded over new things. I have a few things to […]

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