The one all-encompassing protocol

When I got to Sir’s house this weekend, he informed that the protocol he was giving me for the entire weekend was that I must ask his permission. M’okaaaay? “Like, for what Sir?” “For everything.” “Everything? What do you mean?” “Just what I said, everything.¬†Anytime you want to get off that couch, for whatever reason, […]

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On the horizon: new protocols

I’m spending this weekend at Sir’s house. He just informed me that he will be giving me some new protocols and that they will be in effect starting Friday. I have not had any input into what these protocols will be. I’m excited! And nervous. Because he hasn’t told me what these new protocols will […]

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I read a writing on fet the other day about doing D/s through text. It gave some great tips, not just for online dynamics, but for whenever you can’t be with your partner. One of the tips was about using Caps/uncaps, ie, “Sir i would really like to play with Your pussy today, if You […]

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I want… (#NSFW, 18+)

I want him to be cruel to me. I want to feel his disdain as he looks down on me. When I reach out to him, I want him to push me away and say how dare I touch him, that I’m not worthy. I want him to slap my face when I look at […]

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Eye Roll

I see that the “One Twue Way” people are at it again today. *insert eye roll here* New post coming soon about this. In the meantime…. YOU DO YOU, BOO and don’t worry about how others may judge you. Blessed day y’all!

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Even in his sleep

A few nights ago Sir and I were sleeping in bed. It was 2:06am and I woke up because I really had to pee. He was sleeping on his side, arm draped over my waist. I started to slide out from under his arm, trying not to wake him. But he tightened his hold on […]

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Interrogation (#NSFW +18)

Sir enjoys the challenge that bratting brings to him and his Dominance. So, ever the one to please, I’ve been expanding on this behaviour. This past weekend we were chilling at his place. A thought passed through my head. Just a quick one, wondering if we were going to get up to any kinky play […]

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