Sir’s Surprise (#NSFW, 18+)

This weekend we went out of town. First we visited our friend Doc (you can read about her here hypnosis (pigs and leaches) -kinky camp 2021)  I had wondered (and rather hoped) Sir and Doc had perhaps cooked up a surprise play scene for me during our visit. But all we did was sit and […]

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What if it had been real?

Here I wrote about Sir and my best friend mindfucking me, tricking me into thinking she was giving him a blow job in the back seat while I drove. My friend Naughty Nora asked me “what if it had been real? What would you have felt?” I thought of this myself since that incident. I’ve […]

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I am worth it

It’s taken 18 months. Eighteen months of him teaching me how to communciate openly and honestly. Eighteen months of his consistency. Eighteen months of proving to me over and over again that he is not passive aggressive and doesn’t gaslight. Eighteen months of patiently earning my trust. We’ve inadvertently stepped on landmines planted by past […]

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