Simple games to play with your sub

I enjoy playing games. All kinds. Board games. Cards. Dice. You name it. I’m pretty competitive so maybe that accounts for it.

So it’s only natural that as a Mistress I have incorporated my love of game playing into my dynamic. It makes things fun, exciting, and interesting. It also creates a good balance between those times when I’m being serious, sensual and/or sadistic, vs introducing some lightheartedness and friendly competition into the mix.

It can certainly provide some interesting and entertaining moments. For example when playing Race to the Finish, something was said that caused us both to burst out laughing and we couldn’t stop! Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on giving yourself an orgasm when you and your partner are laughing uncontrollably…. but you can’t stop what you’re doing because you want to be the first one across that finish line…. but the absurdity of what’s happening just makes you laugh even harder? I think I lost that round actually. But hey, it was a lot of fun!

I thought I would share a few simple games you can play with your sub. They can be played online or in person.

Punishment by Die
Although this first one is not necessarily a game, it does make assigning punishments more fun! Roll a die. If an even number is rolled give a time out. If an odd number is rolled give a mouth soaping (those are just examples).
Or you can assign six different punishments to the numbers 1-6 and whichever one you roll is going to be their punishment. A twist would be to have one number assigned as “get out of punishment”. You can also assign a Mistress’ choice and sub’s choice.

Minutes to Cum
Roll a die. Whatever number is rolled they have that many minutes to cum. If they do not cum during those minutes, they lose and can’t cum for that many days… or weeks, depending on the type of control you practice.

To O or Not to O
This one is very simple. Have your sub pick a number. If that number is rolled they may have an orgasm. If not, they have to wait until tomorrow. Play again the next day, and the next, etc until they eventually roll their number.

Race to the Finish
Have a race to see who can orgasm first. The loser has to stop and is not permitted to cum. (Of course, if you lose you can always remind them of the number rule: Mistress always gets to cum.)

Fun Incentive
To make housework more interesting, have your sub wear a butt plug and whenever you check their progress (or once they’ve completed each task), they must edge themselves but no cumming. They aren’t permitted to orgasm until everything is done and to your satisfaction. By the end your sub will be racing to finish his housework.

Online Games
Play an online game against your sub, such as Dice with Friends. If they win 3 games they may orgasm. If you want to mess with them do this: if they won 2, lost one, then won a third tell them they were supposed to win three in a row for it to count. Since they didn’t win 3 in a row they aren’t able to cum. Feign sadness for them but say it’s not your fault they didn’t pay attention to the rules of the game.
I also use this when he asks to cum. If he can beat me at a quick game he is granted permission.

Mistress Says
This is a fun game that’s really easy. Your sub simply has to follow whatever you say. If they don’t, they receive a consequence (ie three hard slaps to each inner thigh, increasing the next time they mess up, etc). You can make sure there are times they will mess up. Or let them mess up on their own. For example, when he was told to get his plug he got it and inserted it but Mommy didn’t say he could insert it yet so, slap slap slap (What a delicious sound and vision).
Another version is to could give them a strike each time they mess up. Once they reach three strikes they receive a consequence.

With the exception of maybe one of these I came up with them myself, silly names and all. You can tweak them anyway you want, or make some up all on your own. The only rule is have fun with it!





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